Here we have compiled a collection of true stories based on people’s experiences with homophobia including tales from non-LGBTIQ people overcoming their own homophobia

Ex-Queenslander Geoff shares a little of his past and growing up in a town which didn’t seem to be open to the idea of homosexuality. Whilst at school Geoff tells of the time homophobia took the better of him.

Queensland Coming Out
Roxanne also grew up in Queensland but is now living happily with her partner in South Australia. Roxanne received the short end of the homophobia stick and tells of how she overcome some of the backlashes of coming out.

Country Mother
Sue is a country mum and her son is gay. Country towns don’t always give the best impressions about their openness toward LGBTIQ people but Sue explains her reaction to her son coming out and how she approach any issues that arise from living in a small place.

Soaking in Homophobia
Co-author of Sexpectations Craig Murray details a little of his history and how he learnt to avoid all things effeminate whilst growing up. Through his own experiences and education he opens up to expressing details of the homophobia he overcame.

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