Coming Out

This section contains a collection of coming out stories from the perspective of the people coming out as well as those who have had someone come out to them.

Country Coming Out
Alex grew up in a country town of less than 2,500 people and now lives in the city. He tells of his story in returning to the country town to come out to his parents and describe how they reacted.

Queensland Coming Out
Roxanne also grew up in Queensland but is now living happily with her partner in South Australia. Roxanne received the short end of the homophobia stick and tells of how she overcome some of the backlashes of coming out.

Country Mother
Sue is a country mum and her son is gay. Country towns don’t always give the best impressions about their openness toward LGBTIQ people but Sue explains her reaction to her son coming out and how she approach any issues that arise from living in a small place.

Telling the World
Nate came out at school and he looks back over the discovery of his sexuality through to the moment he decided to come out whilst in class. It was a tough road to discovering himself but he is here to share his personal experiences.

LGBTIQ and the Church
Greg is a Christian but years after becoming a church deacon he began a journey of discovery with his sexuality and tells of this moment in his life and how he found religious acceptance.

Sexuality Q and A
Darren took on the challenge of an interview to explain his sexuality and some of the issues he bummed into whilst uncovering his attraction to males and females. Here are the results of the questionnaire.

Russell takes a look back at the time when his friend returned home with a same-sex partner and details some of the responses he felt and received from his friend.

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