Research Reports

Australia is producing some of the best research into LGBTIQ issues with many in depth reports and journal articles being written. Here is a collection of such reports, which can be quite heavy reading at time but are still fantastic resources.

Education Experiences of Lesbian Mothers
This report was produced following research into the educational experiences felt by lesbian mothers and their children in South Australia.

LGBTI Psychology
Young people, coming out and identity development. This work explores models of LGBTIQ identity development, young people in schools, disclosing identity to friends and family, exploring identity and finding community.

‘It’s Just Easier’: Internet Report
This report completed at La Trobe University in Melbourne uncovers the way the internet acts as a safety net for young same-sex attracted people.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
There has been some controversy between mainstream researchers and those who focus on same-sex attracted young people about whether there are links between sexual orientation and suicidal behaviours. This argument is explored in this report.

Writing Themselves In 3
Writing Themselves In is a the product of a national survey conducted every six years into the sexual health and wellbeing of same-sex attracted and gender questioning young people.

This Groups Gave Me a Family
This project set out to document the advantages and disadvantages for same sex attracted young people belonging to a group specifically set out to support them. Young people from social support groups filled out surveys at four time points over one year.

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