Fact Sheets

For quick and easy information regarding LGBTIQ issues including homophobia we have compiled a list of easy to digest information, the majority of which is found in brochure or fact sheet form.

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
PEP is a course of medication that may assist in reducing the risk of HIV infection following a possible exposure. PEP is not a vaccine or cure. More information and the PEP hotlines for your state are found on this page.

Mix or Match?
The information on this page is a quick report into sexual attraction, identity and behaviour in same-sex attracted young women.

My Friend is Gay
If your friend is gay and you are looking for more information then this is the booklet for you. It shares some of the possible information about what your friend might be feeling and what same-sex attraction actually means.

Peers Out Smarting Homophobia
The POSH brochure is ideal for anyone seeking to overcome homophobia. It shares information about the myths regarding sexuality, youths’ personal experiences and how they overcome them.

Christianity and Sexuality
In question and answer format a United States’ reverend explains where sexuality and same-sex attraction appears in the Christian Bible. She also dispels some of the common myths regarding religion and sexuality.

Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’
Daniel Witthaus has produced a collection of fact sheets following his recent tour of regional, rural and remote Australia where he attempted to challenge homophobia and spent time talking to the locals to uncover their individual situations.

Safety in our schools: strategies for responding to homophobia
This booklet provides a summary of issues to help make schools safer for gay, lesbian and bisexual students and staff, so that they can participate and achieve in the full range of school programs and activities.

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