Lyrical and Poetry

Creating poetry and lyrics is an art form and here we have a taste of the incredible work being produced by young LGBTIQ people.

A New Spring
In a song about self-discovery Hannah shares the emotional ride she took to uncover more about herself.

Blame it on the Condom
Not everything goes as smoothly as planned and in this comical piece a little bit of packaging creates a big problem.

Self-discovery can involve include searching deep inside your own thoughts to find where your true feelings lie.

Be Yourself
Ben Twigg unleashes more of his thoughts in a poem showing that being yourself is the right action to take.

Rise of the Fateful Storm
Simple yet powerful. This piece tackles the emotions twirling around during the discovery of someone special.

Fatherly Love
All parents seem to react differently to their child coming out and this piece delves into one of these moments as a daughter responds to her father’s reactions.

Falling for a stranger can happen and trouble might arise if there is a language barrier to overcome.

Me + These 2
In a personal expression Ben Twiggs takes on a challenge of everyday life, a challenge of making a decision.

Mum and Dad
Coming out is personal and this poem shares the tale of opening up about a sexuality to both a mother and a father.

When we look upon our lives as a whole we can see the threads that combine to make a single larger form and in this poem we can read about some of these threads and the bigger picture.

The Future
The future is the only thing we can change as Ashton expresses his views on the outcomes that arrive from social influences.

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