Friends & Family

Below you will find a list of services and contacts that might be useful for someone seeking support for themselves, their family or someone close to them.

ALLY Network
The ALLY Network was established within Flinders University in Adelaide as an initiative to create a more inclusive environment for members of the Flinders community who identify as LGBTIQ. It is run from the Equal Opportunity Unit at Flinders and connects students and staff throughout the university.

Bfriend – Uniting Care Wesley
Bfriend filled a gap in the services for people who are questioning their sexuality/gender. Within their services they offer online, phone and in person support for newly identifying people, family and friends and for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Gay and Lesbian Community Service
GLCS South Australia provides over the phone counselling to those who identify as LGBTIQ and can assist with information for friends and family members.

SAPOL Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers
GLLO officers are locates in over 40 stations across South Australia and are specially selected and trained, and are sensitive to and supportive of LGBTIQ issues. They generally do not investigate the crime but they are available to discuss the incident and facilitate the most appropriate responses.

Information Elsewhere
Here a list of Australia-wide and international resources can be found along with brief descriptions of the services they have available.

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
PFLAG is a support group for parents and their children who identify as LGBTIQ. Their main aim is to help keep families together.

Pink Parents

Pink Parents is a support group offering comfortable and secure environments for prospective and established families of same-sex attracted couples or individuals.

Rainbow Family Tree
Rainbow Family Tree is a platform for sharing stories of love, family, loss and the exploration of identity. Through storytelling and film you can share your experiences in a safe and welcoming community.

This group offers a great social connection not only for LGBTIQ people but also for their friends. It is designed for people aged between 18-35 to have fun and connect with others.

SHine SA is the lead sexual health agency in South Australia. They are very LGBTIQ and youth friendly. They are free and confidential and offer clinics, counselling services, a sexual health line and many other services to the community.

United Nations Youth South Australia
UNYSA’s main aim is to educate young South Australians about the United Nations and its processes. Here you can gain a greater understanding of international human rights, engage in debates and forums and socialise in a welcome and friendly environment to all people regardless of sexuality/gender.

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