United Nations Youth South Australia

United Nations Youth South AustraliaUN Youth SA aims to educate young South Australians about the United Nations and its processes. What is more, UN Youth SA hopes to provide youth with an avenue for voice and empowerment. Active members of UN Youth SA are involved in organising conferences, competitions and activities, giving young members the opportunity to improve skills in this area.

Members are encouraged to participate in education programs at high schools, which offer a range of workshops and mock sessions of the United Nations for students. Interaction with other like-minded young people in the state encourages students to pursue their interests in these areas. UN Youth SA strongly encourages education in politics and international affairs, whilst maintaining principles of peaceful resolution, multilateralism and the promotion of Human Rights.

Our annual State Conference and Security Council Competition – Evatt Trophy SA – give high school students the opportunity to participate in mock sessions of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council, whilst also listening to informative speakers and participating in workshops with other students.

Tertiary students are encouraged to join our national policy campaigns, which promote and facilitate the development of youth opinion and recommendations on a wide range of issues. UN Youth SA hopes to develop more frequent public lectures and forums, which will link in with our National Policy campaigns. These and other activities are only successful with the active and enthusiastic support of General Members (that’s you!).

UN Youth Australia aims to develop students’ skills in vital areas such as debating, negotiation, leadership, problem-solving and understanding of international affairs in an accessible and supportive environment. By encouraging young people to discuss and debate important issues amongst their peers and the broader community, UN Youth Australia gives voice to the concerns of young people. Ultimately, UN Youth Australia plays a dual role as an educational and advocacy body for Australia’s young people.

UN Youth South Australia run a series of programs throughout the year, including our premier events, the UN Youth SA State Conference, and the South Australian qualifying rounds of the Evatt Trophy Schools Model United Nations Security Council Debating Competition.

Information on this page courtesy and property of UN Youth Australia. Full information can be found at www.sa.unyouth.org.au.

UniSA Pride Club

University of South Australia

Universiry South Australia Pride


Who are we?

UniSA Pride Club is a friendly social group aims to provide support(s) to UniSA students of all ages who are wondering about their sexuality and/or people who are newly identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or gender diverse university students. However, the club welcomes all students and non-students regardless of your age, gender, sexuality, race, nationality or disability to join us and stay in touch with our latest events and activities. We are all human-beings with a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth and etc. None of us should discriminate or stereotype anyone due to their abilities, histories or experiences. Any forms of discrimination or harassment are definitely prohibited anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

We are supported by?

UniSA pride club is going to work collaboratively with the Learning and Teaching Unit (LTU) student counsellors, Adelaide University Pride Club, Bfriend (United Care Wesley) and other same-sex friendly community in order to provide sufficient information, joint activities and social supports based on individual needs. We are going to have more activities in a few months ahead to enhance social interaction and connection. (eg: barbecue, group dinner gathering, parties, pub crawl and etc.)

What do we offer?

UniSA Pride Club is a social group that offers support physically (chill-out and have drinks with other club members/peers) and as well as psychologically (the counsellors) to every of our members whenever needed. If you are struggling with some sort of difficulties in life about your sexuality or other matters, we welcome you to drop us a call or alternatively you are more than welcome to send us an email and we have our professional counsellors ready to go through the process together with you. We understand the importance of companion especially when things go wrong at certain stage in life. It could be very painful but it’s always good to have someone to talk about it rather than carrying the burden alone by yourself.

We are aware that some of you might concern about the confidentiality issue. Here’s a way of keeping you feel safe. The club provides several types of counselling session. You can either ring us up (telephone counselling) or email us (email counselling). Anyway will do and you DO NOT have to include/use your real name/identity if you don’t comfortable to do so. Through these modes of counselling sessions, confidentiality is not really a big concern anymore as the client and counsellor doesn’t know each other and they have never met personally. Professional relationship will be maintain throughout the period unless the client (you) wish to terminate the counselling session and do not wish to continue further.

These services are free-of-charge so please do not hesitate to ring us at 0451 131 886 (6pm-10pm-Monday to Thursday) or email us via unisa.pride.club@hotmail.com (anytime). ALL emails will be replied within 24 hours.

Safe Sex…..

This is a very serious issue where we would like to get across. Please stay safe when practising sex regardless you trust them or not. Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are on the rise. It is better to be safe than ‘sorry’. Sex is fun and good to enjoy but you have to be really careful and learn to say ‘NO’ whenever you do not feel safe or comfortable with it.

Please let us know via email if you need any information about sexual health test or any other information about your sexuality. We are here to support you and please do not be afraid of us as we are all very open-minded and friendly. We will do as much as we can and let’s walk through the journey together.

Other forms of contact?

Alternatively, you can contact us via:


How do we communicate?

The club will be using email and Facebook as two important modes of communication with the members. Any latest updates will be posted on Facebook page and at the same time all members will be notified by an email sent by the club as well. Please check your email regularly for our latest events updates making sure that you do not miss any of them! :0)

Last but not least…

If you have any questions or queries or if you need any support, please do not hesitate of shy to contact us and we’ll work it out together from there. Life is beautiful mate. Live it! Seize it!

Wish you guys all the best and have a nice day ahead!

Love from,

UniSA Pride Club team

Information on this page courtesy and property of UniLife. Full information can be found at http://unione.unilife.edu.au/Clubs/Club.aspx?CID=278 or by emailing unisa.pride.club@hotmail.com.

Team Adelaide

previously SAGSAA Inc. (SA Gay Sports & Arts Association)
We are a non-profit organisation formed to promote gay and lesbian sports in South Australia. We provide support for bushwalking, dance sport, golf, motoring, squash, tennis, tenpin bowling and volleyball, as well as coordinating teams for Gay Games and OutGames.

Membership is available to anyone for a small annual fee, which comes due on 1 July each year; a 50% discount applies from 1 January and other discounts apply for 2 or more members from the same household.

Join Team Adelaide Inc. or update your details by printing the Membership Application and Constitution and sending the completed form with the appropriate fee to:

The Secretary
Team Adelaide Inc.
PO Box 8205, Station Arcade
Adelaide SA 5000

Note: Our Constitution must be printed on the reverse side of the membership form and your signature is required to indicate acceptance of the Rules of the Organisation.

Information on this page courtesy and property of the Team Adelaide. Full information can be found at www.teamadelaide.org.au or by email info@teamadelaide.org.au.


Same-Sex Attracted and Mates
SSA&MATES is a chance to keep up-to-date with current issues, events, support and awareness, and a new way to connect with new people through group events, outings or even just for connecting with others.

The group is designed for same-sex attracted people and their close friends within the age bracket of 18-35 mainly for people that just want to have fun, connect, know there is support and know that there are other people out there that want to socialise on a different level and in a different way than other groups in Adelaide provide.

Information on this page courtesy and property of SSA&MATES. Full information can be found at their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/groups/141422115933938/

Rainbow Labor

Rainbow LaborRainbow Labor is the grassroots internal organisation for LGBTI Labor members and supporters. Our aim is to promote full equality for the LGBTI community. We spend our time acknowledging the wins achieved through the Labor movement, and calling for further reforms where more needs to be done. Every year we march in the Mardi Gras Parade, participate in community consultations, organise forums and fundraisers, and keep pushing LGBTI issues within the party. If you are interested in getting involved in inclusive campaigns for LGBTI rights and meaningful engagement with the Labor Party, we’d love to hear from you.

Information on this page courtesy and property of Rainbow Labor. Full information can be found at www.rainbowlabor.org or by emailing rainbow.labor@gmail.com.

Rainbow Family Tree

Rainbow Family TreeRainbow Family Tree is a space for sharing our stories of life, love, family and loss… feel free to explore the parameters of your identity, GLBTI, ‘other’ or ‘ally’… or abandon all socially imposed labels and make up your own!

We’re here to test whether challenging assumptions about gender, sexuality, identity and family can actually contribute to social change? Idealistic as it may sound, the theory is that collectively our stories can make a difference!

So, have a climb around the branches… offer feedback to storytellers or learn how to make your own, participate in discussions on creative process, tech issues, the research project or the educational DVD, and invite your friends to join us!

Things you need to know

Why make a Digital Story?
Because we want to change the world! We believe our stories have the potential to open minds, evoke tears and smiles… and maybe even provoke law reform.

Do I have to become a member?
No! You’re welcome to view our stories… but we’d love you to share them with other people and hear what you think about them… and it’s very easy to sign up so you can participate!

Where do I learn about making digital stories?
Many of the stories on the tree were made in face to face workshops facilitated by Incite Stories. However all the resources you need are available on this site, including downloadable guides and, most importantly, a community of experienced and helpful Digital Storytellers! To start with go to ‘How to make a Digital Story’. We’re keen to see the tree grow so if you’re interested in future face to face or virtual workshops let us know.

What’s all this about a research project about?
‘Digital Storytelling as Everyday Activism’ is a PhD-in-progress being undertaken by Sonja Vivienne, our founding member. She’s keen to hear about your experiences of using personal stories for social change. You can participate by posting anywhere on this site or on our Facebook page.

What’s viral distribution?
The idea is that people will see our stories, be moved by them, and share them with their friends and family members… as well as teachers, doctors, journalists and members of parliament. You can start causing ‘ripples in the pond’ by sharing online. When you watch a story you can ‘like’ it and share it automatically with your Facebook network. Or you can participate in discussion on our Facebook page. If you’d like to connect with other storytellers and larger audiences we’re also on Vimeo and YouTube.

I’m a luddite… where can I get technical help?
Just post us a message on the Rainbow Family Tree moderation page and we’ll try and help!

Can I buy a DVD of the stories?
Some of our stories have been gathered together for use as an educational resource. The ‘What’s your story?’ DVD comes with a facilitator’s guide to assist you in using the stories in training/ educational/ awareness-raising contexts. You can buy them from SHine SA.

Information on this page courtesy and property of the Rainbow Family Tree. Full information can be found at www.rainbowfamilytree.com.

Pink Parents

Pink Parents is a supportive and understanding community of future parents, single parents, couples, toddlers, babies, school-aged kids, extended, blended but importantly inclusive families.

We meet regularly for ‘kid friendly’ events. We also have regular ‘adult’s only’ nights to catch up and talk, support and generally relax in a gay-friendly atmosphere.

We recognise the difficulties that can occur not only with same-sex parenting but with trying to become a parent.

Our History
Pink Parents was formed at Feast Festival, Adelaide’s Gay and Lesbian cultural Festival in 2001. It was formed in recognition of the need for same-sex families to offer support to each other in a climate where legal recognition is not extended to the same-sex community.

The aim of Pink Parents is to provide a comfortable and secure environment for prospective and established families of same-sex attracted couples or individuals.

Run on an entirely voluntarily, basis Pink Parents is open to all prospective and established families and friends of the LGBTI community.

Information on this page courtesy and property of Pink Parents. Full information can be found at http://pinkparents.ning.com/.


PFLAG South Australia

PSP FLAG SA (Parents Supporting Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays) is a South Australian Support group for parents and their children who are gay, lesbian or bisexual.

The aim of this group is to help keep families together.

We are all parents of gay, lesbian or bisexual sons and daughters. We have been exactly where you are now and understand how you feel.

The feelings of disbelief, grief, sorrow, guilt and anger we have all experienced at some time. Over a period of time we have found a new deeper understanding of life.

To arrive at this point the road has not been easy but the journey has certainly been worthwhile. Our commitment is to keep families together. We love and care for our gay kids.

If you yourself are gay, lesbian or bisexual and are considering coming out to your parents, friends and family, our group can offer you the support to talk freely and decide which would be the best way to talk to Mum, Dad and friends.

Information courtesy and property of PFLAG South Australia. Full information can be found at www.pflagaustralia.org.au/ or by emailing pspflagsa@hotmail.com.

PFLAG Australia

What is PFLAG?
PFLAG stands for Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays. We are a non-profit voluntary organisation whose members have a common goal of keeping families together. PFLAG is here to give help, support and information to families, friends of all gay people.

Who are we?
We are the parents and friends of gay and lesbian people who are a part of our community. Some of our families may be large, some small. Some of us are married, some divorced, some single. Our occupations are a varied as our personalities and educational levels. HOWEVER, we do have a common bond: someone we love and care for is lesbian or gay.

Where are we?
There are various PFLAG groups around Australia in QLD, WA, SA, TAS, VIC, and NSW.

Why does PFLAG exist?
In Australia today, there are many parents with homosexual children. These children, and often their families are victims of social, political and economic prejudice. Gay people in many communities are affected by discrimination in their pursuit of happiness and in striving to live their lives with openness and dignity. Homosexuals are not the only ones touched by this discrimination. It also affects their friends and families. We as parents, families and friends of lesbians and gay men wish to join together to appeal to the public conscience. We want to achieve the same rights and opportunities for our gay sons and lesbian daughters as are enjoyed by other Australians. As proud parents of gay people, our lives have been enriched by reaching an understanding and acceptance of our gay children and embracing their diversity. It is our goal to bring this understanding and acceptance of diversity to the community.

What do we do?
We have a number of activities aimed at supporting our members. We:

  • Hold monthly support meetings where we discuss member issues and concerns. Sometimes we have guest speakers who are professionals in their field to discuss topics of interest to the members.
  • Provide a safe, friendly place where participants can talk freely and openly. All our meetings are confidential to the participants.
  • Maintain a library of books, videos, pamphlets, and articles to help educate parents and others on issues of homosexuality.
  • Publish a monthly newsletter and provide an information telephone line. Provide speakers to interested organisations for discussion panels as and when requested.

We strictly respect and are sensitive to the confidentiality of all participants.

Information on this page courtesy and property of PFLAG Australia. Full information can be found at www.pflagaustralia.org.au.

Moolagoo Mob

Moolagoo MobMoolagoo Mob is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group which offers a social and support network for those who identify as gay, lesbian or sistergirl.

Moolagoo Mob meets in Adelaide every month in a friendly, safe and confidential environment.

We come together to:

Build new friendships
Offer support to newly-identifying gay, lesbian and sistergirls
Share information
Celebrate our unique culture and diversity

Come and share some pizza and some laughs.

New members are always welcome.

So don’t be shy, get in touch with us if you have any questions.

We’re always happy to chat to anyone who is curious about the Moolagoo Mob. You can talk to us on the phone or via email. We can even meet for a coffee somewhere convenient and we can head along to one of the Moolagoo Mob events together.

Information on this page courtesy and property of Moolagoo Mob, Adelaide South Australia. Full information can be found at http://www.moolagoomob.com and by emailing info@moolagoomob.com.

MAN-TAG Adelaide

MAN-TAG is an email and web-based network focused on coordinating – en masse – a gay and bisexual mens social group and pub gatherings.

MAN-TAG occurs monthly on the second Saturday and is constantly exploring new, friendly spaces to socialise.

For further information or for invites to events email zarmor@hotmail.com.

All welcome however, as events are regularly in pubs, restrictions may apply for those under the age of 18 in accordance to the liquor license of the monthly venue.

Information on this page courtesy and property of MAN-TAG Adelaide. Full information can be found by emailing zarmor@hotmail.com.