This website was set up and is operated by the A Cog Foundation which seeks to provide information, creative work and true stories with the hope of assisting young people, their friends and family as they try to understand the questions that can arise from exploring their sexuality and gender.

Our missions:

  • “To assist in reducing the feelings of isolation that can occur due to sexuality and/or distance.”
  • “To produce a medium for young people, their friends and family to share their personal stories and creative work on an online publication.”
  • “To display the information and connect people with the services and support available for LGBTIQ young people, their friends and family.”

We would like to acknowledge the wonderful assistance of the following people and organisations, without whom this project would not be successful

nexgay.com for all their help with web development.

Website banner and artistic design by A. Crooks. Any seeking to contact Andrew can email design.possibilities@gmail.com

Nick Rees Illustrations – graphic designer whose work and advice has assisted in the creation of the All Colours of Grey images. Nick’s work can be viewed at www.nickreesillustration.com

La Trobe University – Full research reports and information brochures were supplied by Lynne Hillier and the team at La Trobe University.

A final and huge thank you to all the contributors to the project. Without your help and input this project would not have launched.

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