United Nations Youth South Australia

United Nations Youth South AustraliaUN Youth SA aims to educate young South Australians about the United Nations and its processes. What is more, UN Youth SA hopes to provide youth with an avenue for voice and empowerment. Active members of UN Youth SA are involved in organising conferences, competitions and activities, giving young members the opportunity to improve skills in this area.

Members are encouraged to participate in education programs at high schools, which offer a range of workshops and mock sessions of the United Nations for students. Interaction with other like-minded young people in the state encourages students to pursue their interests in these areas. UN Youth SA strongly encourages education in politics and international affairs, whilst maintaining principles of peaceful resolution, multilateralism and the promotion of Human Rights.

Our annual State Conference and Security Council Competition – Evatt Trophy SA – give high school students the opportunity to participate in mock sessions of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council, whilst also listening to informative speakers and participating in workshops with other students.

Tertiary students are encouraged to join our national policy campaigns, which promote and facilitate the development of youth opinion and recommendations on a wide range of issues. UN Youth SA hopes to develop more frequent public lectures and forums, which will link in with our National Policy campaigns. These and other activities are only successful with the active and enthusiastic support of General Members (that’s you!).

UN Youth Australia aims to develop students’ skills in vital areas such as debating, negotiation, leadership, problem-solving and understanding of international affairs in an accessible and supportive environment. By encouraging young people to discuss and debate important issues amongst their peers and the broader community, UN Youth Australia gives voice to the concerns of young people. Ultimately, UN Youth Australia plays a dual role as an educational and advocacy body for Australia’s young people.

UN Youth South Australia run a series of programs throughout the year, including our premier events, the UN Youth SA State Conference, and the South Australian qualifying rounds of the Evatt Trophy Schools Model United Nations Security Council Debating Competition.

Information on this page courtesy and property of UN Youth Australia. Full information can be found at www.sa.unyouth.org.au.

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