UniSA Pride Club

University of South Australia

Universiry South Australia Pride


Who are we?

UniSA Pride Club is a friendly social group aims to provide support(s) to UniSA students of all ages who are wondering about their sexuality and/or people who are newly identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or gender diverse university students. However, the club welcomes all students and non-students regardless of your age, gender, sexuality, race, nationality or disability to join us and stay in touch with our latest events and activities. We are all human-beings with a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth and etc. None of us should discriminate or stereotype anyone due to their abilities, histories or experiences. Any forms of discrimination or harassment are definitely prohibited anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

We are supported by?

UniSA pride club is going to work collaboratively with the Learning and Teaching Unit (LTU) student counsellors, Adelaide University Pride Club, Bfriend (United Care Wesley) and other same-sex friendly community in order to provide sufficient information, joint activities and social supports based on individual needs. We are going to have more activities in a few months ahead to enhance social interaction and connection. (eg: barbecue, group dinner gathering, parties, pub crawl and etc.)

What do we offer?

UniSA Pride Club is a social group that offers support physically (chill-out and have drinks with other club members/peers) and as well as psychologically (the counsellors) to every of our members whenever needed. If you are struggling with some sort of difficulties in life about your sexuality or other matters, we welcome you to drop us a call or alternatively you are more than welcome to send us an email and we have our professional counsellors ready to go through the process together with you. We understand the importance of companion especially when things go wrong at certain stage in life. It could be very painful but it’s always good to have someone to talk about it rather than carrying the burden alone by yourself.

We are aware that some of you might concern about the confidentiality issue. Here’s a way of keeping you feel safe. The club provides several types of counselling session. You can either ring us up (telephone counselling) or email us (email counselling). Anyway will do and you DO NOT have to include/use your real name/identity if you don’t comfortable to do so. Through these modes of counselling sessions, confidentiality is not really a big concern anymore as the client and counsellor doesn’t know each other and they have never met personally. Professional relationship will be maintain throughout the period unless the client (you) wish to terminate the counselling session and do not wish to continue further.

These services are free-of-charge so please do not hesitate to ring us at 0451 131 886 (6pm-10pm-Monday to Thursday) or email us via unisa.pride.club@hotmail.com (anytime). ALL emails will be replied within 24 hours.

Safe Sex…..

This is a very serious issue where we would like to get across. Please stay safe when practising sex regardless you trust them or not. Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are on the rise. It is better to be safe than ‘sorry’. Sex is fun and good to enjoy but you have to be really careful and learn to say ‘NO’ whenever you do not feel safe or comfortable with it.

Please let us know via email if you need any information about sexual health test or any other information about your sexuality. We are here to support you and please do not be afraid of us as we are all very open-minded and friendly. We will do as much as we can and let’s walk through the journey together.

Other forms of contact?

Alternatively, you can contact us via:


How do we communicate?

The club will be using email and Facebook as two important modes of communication with the members. Any latest updates will be posted on Facebook page and at the same time all members will be notified by an email sent by the club as well. Please check your email regularly for our latest events updates making sure that you do not miss any of them! :0)

Last but not least…

If you have any questions or queries or if you need any support, please do not hesitate of shy to contact us and we’ll work it out together from there. Life is beautiful mate. Live it! Seize it!

Wish you guys all the best and have a nice day ahead!

Love from,

UniSA Pride Club team

Information on this page courtesy and property of UniLife. Full information can be found at http://unione.unilife.edu.au/Clubs/Club.aspx?CID=278 or by emailing unisa.pride.club@hotmail.com.

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