This Group Gave Me a Family

An evaluation of the impact of social support groups on the health and well being of same sex attract young people.

Click for Full PDF Version: This Group Gave Me a Family

Lynne Hillier
Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society
La Trobe University

This project set out to document the advantages and disadvantages for same sex attracted young people belonging to a group specifically set out to support them. Young people from social support groups filled out surveys at four time points over one year.

The findings of this report indicate that social support groups are invaluable in the health benefits they provide. This is not to say however that the continuous open group model is the best one to follow. A different model that is less resource intensive may achieve the same results. For example, groups that run for six weeks several times a year may result in similar health benefits to one that runs all year. Regardless of the model, this report recommends that until homophobia is abolished from our schools and communities these groups are a very effective way to ameliorate its damaging health impacts.

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