The Future

By Ashton Swarvie

I question my sanity I question my life
Do I need a doctor?
Do I need a wife?
Should I have children?
To keep me occupied
‘Cos I rarely sleep
I’m up every night
I’m thinking about sex
Like every other man
But I’m learning about life
Anyway I can…
And I discovered the horrific
The lies and the stealing
The workers and the dealers
And the children following in…
Their idols footsteps, the parents’ negligence
They’re listening to homophobic tracks
Songs about women being sluts and the best thing is crack
I’m seeing kids dressed like Eminem, 50 cent…
They got no identity. Influence is everything, influence is everything
If I had my way I’d make a change today
I’d be having anti-hatred protests almost every day
We can’t change the past but we can the future
Stop teaching children what is good for them and what isn’t!
You don’t have a clue, you need to wise up.

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