Sexual Health Information, Networking & Education South Australia

SHine SA

SHine SA is the lead sexual health agency in South Australia. We work in partnership with government, health, education and community agencies and communities to improve the sexual health and wellbeing of South Australians

SHine SA provides:

  • prevention, promotion and education programs that build the capacity of communities in greatest need
  • professional education programs that build the capacity of workers across all sectors
  • clinical services targeting communities with health inequalities and poor sexual health
  • therapeutic counselling services targeting individuals unable to afford private providers
  • information about sexual health and wellbeing
  • resources and library services accessible to workers and the community
  • opportunities for partnerships with workers, governments and agencies
  • individuals and workers links to relevant services and supports
  • leadership and advocacy for sexual health
  • opportunities for participation by our communities of interest

SHine SA offers a therapeutic counselling service provided by professional sexual health counsellors. The service is available to individuals, couples and families.

You can come in to see us on your own or with a partner or support person. It’s up to you.

All services are confidential. (There are exceptions to confidentiality. Please refer to the Client rights pamphlet and discuss with your counsellor.)

Sexual health counsellors:

  • provide therapeutic counselling for a range of sexual health concerns
  • facilitate group sessions
  • provide a consultancy and referral service for workers and clients
  • get involved in community projects, training and health promotion


What is therapeutic counselling?

The aim of therapeutic counselling is to help you to become more aware of the options you have to shape your own life and make sense of the difficult periods that you may have experienced. Counsellors at SHine SA have a minimum of two years therapeutic counselling experience and hold an appropriate tertiary qualification. They offer help through empathic, genuine and respectful listening and support. We encourage you to ask about your counsellor’s professional background and approach when you first contact them.

What issues can benefit from counselling?

Counselling is provided for concerns related to sexual health. These include:

  • sexual concerns for women, including pre-orgasmia and vaginismus
  • sexual concerns for men, including erectile or ejaculation difficulties
  • differences in levels of sexual desire (libido)
  • concerns about same-sex attraction / sexual identity
  • sexual issues arising from sexual assault or child sexual abuse
  • not sure what to do about pregnancy
  • termination of pregnancy / post-termination
  • sexual issues associated with disabilities
  • living with sexually transmitted infections

The sexual health counsellor will be able to refer you to another service if there is a more appropriate service for your concerns.


Rural clients can phone to arrange for a telephone counselling appointment. The counsellor will then call you at the pre-arranged time.

A free interpreting service can be arranged with a male or female interpreter.

Please let us know what you require when booking your appointment.

When are the counsellors available?

A sexual health counsellor is generally available during work hours. The days and times vary for each location, so please contact your local SHine SA team to find out when counselling is available in your area. Some regions may offer evening appointments by negotiation.

There may be a waiting time for appointments, as there is often a high demand for counselling.

However, some issues such as unplanned pregnancy are considered a priority and arrangements will be made to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

If you are unable to attend your appointment please give 24 hours notice and ring to cancel.

At SHine SA you’ll be treated with respect and receive quality health care at all times. For information about your rights as a client of SHine SA see the Client rights leaflet.

Sexual Healthline

The Sexual Healthline is a confidential service, so if you want to talk to someone about your sexual health, but feel more at ease with a telephone conversation than face-to-face contact then contact us on:

Telephone: 1300 883 793
Toll free: 1800 188 171 (country callers only)
An interpreter can be arranged free of charge if required.
And if you prefer to use email, our sexual health nurses are happy to respond to your questions at
You can contact the Sexual Healthline about any sexual health issue, including:

  • contraception
  • fertility issues
  • period problems
  • pregnancy options
  • safer sex information
  • sexual health checks
  • sexual relationship problems
  • sexually transmitted infections

The Sexual Healthline nurses are also able to put you in contact with health services in your area if ongoing support is needed.


As the lead sexual health agency in South Australia, SHine SA is responsible for educating the community and professionals about sexual health matters.

Community education

SHine SA’s Primary Health Care Teams offer a range of community education and health promotion activities that are aimed at improving the sexual health of South Australians.

Some of this work includes:

  • providing consultancy on sexual health
  • running workshops and group education sessions
  • youth participation and peer education
  • health promotion

SHine SA’s workers have developed strong links with other organisations and often work in partnership to increase sexual health awareness and promote open discussion. If you would like to know more about how we can help your community, contact your local Primary Health Care Team:

  • East/West team (08) 8300 5300
  • Northern team (08) 8256 0700
  • Southern team (08) 8186 8600


The clinical teams at SHine SA include both medical officers and registered nurses who work collaboratively to provide high quality services to their community, including:

  • contraception services
  • pregnancy testing, counselling and referral
  • information on safer sex and sexuality issues
  • screening for breast changes and Pap smears
  • STI testing, management and referral
  • women’s health issues

Making an appointment

To make an appointment contact your nearest SHine SA team:

  • Woodville: 8300 5300
  • Davoren Park: 8256 0700
  • Christies Beach: 8186 8600


At SHine SA there are no individual consultation fees. An annual up-front service fee of $20 ($10 concession) is payable each year and that’s it. This fee covers clinic and counselling services. Contraceptives and medicines are sold at recommended retail price, or the doctor can write a prescription. Costs can be negotiated if there are financial difficulties.


Free interpreting can be arranged with a male or female interpreter. Please let us know what you require when booking your appointment.


Prescriptions for contraceptives are available at SHine SA clinics.

Drop-in pregnancy testing

Pregnancy testing is available at each SHine SA regional office, Monday to Friday from 9 am – 4.30 pm. You will be able to see a nurse or doctor as soon as one is available, but sometimes you may have to wait or return at a later time. You may also purchase a test to take home. You will need to bring an early morning urine sample for the test. The pregnancy test is $12.00 (negotiable).

Workforce education

SHine SA’s Workprce Development & Resources team works in partnership with a range of different professionals to increase positive sexual health and relationship outcomes for South Australians by providing education for workers in the community.

We deliver education courses in sexual health and relationships for doctors, nurses and midwives, teachers, youth workers, disability workers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers.

Courses provide the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge and to explore values and attitudes so that professionals can address sexual health and relationship issues within daily work practices with their clients.

Most of our courses have a formal assessment process and are accredited either through the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system or through a South Australian University. This allows participants to negotiate recognition of their Sexual Health certificate as part of a relevant tertiary qualification with their institution.

We also host sexual health networks for specific groups to discuss new developments and to share issues and concerns arising from their work.

For an overview of the training offered see the Workforce Development & Resources leaflet.

For more information see Workforce Development or contact the Workforce Development & Resources team:

Tel: (08) 8300 5317

SHine SA’s work is guided by the following principles:

Jakarta Declaration (1997)

  • increasing community capacity
  • increasing investments for health development
  • promoting responsibility for health
  • expanding partnerships

Ottawa Charter (1986)

  • building healthy public policy
  • creating supportive environments
  • strengthening community action
  • developing personal skills
  • re-orientating health services

Cairo (1994) and Beijing (1995) declarations

  • the rights of individuals to have information, skills, support and services they need to make responsible decisions about their sexuality consistent with their own values.

Information on this page courtesy and property of SHineSA. Full information can be found at

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