Rainbow Family Tree

Rainbow Family TreeRainbow Family Tree is a space for sharing our stories of life, love, family and loss… feel free to explore the parameters of your identity, GLBTI, ‘other’ or ‘ally’… or abandon all socially imposed labels and make up your own!

We’re here to test whether challenging assumptions about gender, sexuality, identity and family can actually contribute to social change? Idealistic as it may sound, the theory is that collectively our stories can make a difference!

So, have a climb around the branches… offer feedback to storytellers or learn how to make your own, participate in discussions on creative process, tech issues, the research project or the educational DVD, and invite your friends to join us!

Things you need to know

Why make a Digital Story?
Because we want to change the world! We believe our stories have the potential to open minds, evoke tears and smiles… and maybe even provoke law reform.

Do I have to become a member?
No! You’re welcome to view our stories… but we’d love you to share them with other people and hear what you think about them… and it’s very easy to sign up so you can participate!

Where do I learn about making digital stories?
Many of the stories on the tree were made in face to face workshops facilitated by Incite Stories. However all the resources you need are available on this site, including downloadable guides and, most importantly, a community of experienced and helpful Digital Storytellers! To start with go to ‘How to make a Digital Story’. We’re keen to see the tree grow so if you’re interested in future face to face or virtual workshops let us know.

What’s all this about a research project about?
‘Digital Storytelling as Everyday Activism’ is a PhD-in-progress being undertaken by Sonja Vivienne, our founding member. She’s keen to hear about your experiences of using personal stories for social change. You can participate by posting anywhere on this site or on our Facebook page.

What’s viral distribution?
The idea is that people will see our stories, be moved by them, and share them with their friends and family members… as well as teachers, doctors, journalists and members of parliament. You can start causing ‘ripples in the pond’ by sharing online. When you watch a story you can ‘like’ it and share it automatically with your Facebook network. Or you can participate in discussion on our Facebook page. If you’d like to connect with other storytellers and larger audiences we’re also on Vimeo and YouTube.

I’m a luddite… where can I get technical help?
Just post us a message on the Rainbow Family Tree moderation page and we’ll try and help!

Can I buy a DVD of the stories?
Some of our stories have been gathered together for use as an educational resource. The ‘What’s your story?’ DVD comes with a facilitator’s guide to assist you in using the stories in training/ educational/ awareness-raising contexts. You can buy them from SHine SA.

Information on this page courtesy and property of the Rainbow Family Tree. Full information can be found at www.rainbowfamilytree.com.

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