Pink Parents

Pink Parents is a supportive and understanding community of future parents, single parents, couples, toddlers, babies, school-aged kids, extended, blended but importantly inclusive families.

We meet regularly for ‘kid friendly’ events. We also have regular ‘adult’s only’ nights to catch up and talk, support and generally relax in a gay-friendly atmosphere.

We recognise the difficulties that can occur not only with same-sex parenting but with trying to become a parent.

Our History
Pink Parents was formed at Feast Festival, Adelaide’s Gay and Lesbian cultural Festival in 2001. It was formed in recognition of the need for same-sex families to offer support to each other in a climate where legal recognition is not extended to the same-sex community.

The aim of Pink Parents is to provide a comfortable and secure environment for prospective and established families of same-sex attracted couples or individuals.

Run on an entirely voluntarily, basis Pink Parents is open to all prospective and established families and friends of the LGBTI community.

Information on this page courtesy and property of Pink Parents. Full information can be found at

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