No One Reads Profiles

By Daniel G Taylor

The latino’s name was Carlos. The flag on his profile was Colombian and he was in Australia studying marketing, and he was pathetically unreliable.

They’d met for a first date a week ago and were now trying for their second. The first time had failed because Carlos had been asked to do a double-shift at a Spanish restaurant. Tonight, Jason had already spoken to Carlos before he’d caught the train to the city and the latino had said he was on his way. After Jason had been waiting fifteen minutes, he called Carlos and got no answer. He was about to give up when the phone rang and Carlos said he couldn’t come into the city tonight because some friends had come over. Sorry.

Jason saw then that the dating world hadn’t changed much since he was in it a decade ago. How had Anthony summed it up? No one reads profiles.

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Daniel’s Short Biography
If you like school-of-hard-knocks stories, then you’ll love this one.

By the time I started to lead a charmed life as a professional writer at 18, many people dubbing me a “prodigy”, I’d already had enough troubles to fill a memoir. I got to enjoy my success for two years before I was struck down with bipolar disorder.

The trigger for my first manic episode was a relationship breakup, partly because I was an idiot and partly because my freelance writing wasn’t producing “real” money.

So I became interested in business and over the years and spent a long time learning how to run a successful business. This led to me becoming a copywriter and studying marketing.

Along the way, I fulfilled a long-held dream to work in a bookshop and with the business acumen I’d attained, I quickly rose to assistant manager and to be one of the top salespeople in the store.

Daniel is still a freelance writer and journalist. To contact Daniel email

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