Moolagoo Mob

Moolagoo MobMoolagoo Mob is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group which offers a social and support network for those who identify as gay, lesbian or sistergirl.

Moolagoo Mob meets in Adelaide every month in a friendly, safe and confidential environment.

We come together to:

Build new friendships
Offer support to newly-identifying gay, lesbian and sistergirls
Share information
Celebrate our unique culture and diversity

Come and share some pizza and some laughs.

New members are always welcome.

So don’t be shy, get in touch with us if you have any questions.

We’re always happy to chat to anyone who is curious about the Moolagoo Mob. You can talk to us on the phone or via email. We can even meet for a coffee somewhere convenient and we can head along to one of the Moolagoo Mob events together.

Information on this page courtesy and property of Moolagoo Mob, Adelaide South Australia. Full information can be found at and by emailing

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