Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Click for Full PDF Version: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Sue Dyson, Anne Mitchell, Anthony Smith, Gary Dowsett, Marian Pitts and Lynne Hillier

This project was commissioned to establish whether agencies and services collective qualitative or quantitative data that might demonstrate links between suicidal behaviours and issues of sexuality for young people. Funding was received for the project under the Victorian Department of Human Services, Gay and Lesbian Youth Suicide Data Research Project. The work was carried out by the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society and La Trobe University.

There has been some controversy between mainstream researchers and those who focus on same-sex attracted young people, about whether there are links between sexual orientation and suicidal behaviours. Mainstream researchers maintain there is inadequate evidence to substantiate an independent link between suicide risk and sexual orientation, while worker advocates and researchers of sexuality issues assert that same-sex attracted young people are underrepresented in mainstream research, and cite more qualitative and anecdotal evidence of a connection.


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