Beyond ‘That’s so Gay’

Daniel Witthaus

Beyond Thats so GayThe Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’ tour left Geelong late February 2010. The 38-week national challenging homophobia tour of regional, rural and remote Australia has now come to its conclusion, again in Geelong in November 2010.

On the tour Daniel Witthaus chose to stay one week, or close to it, in most locations so that he could make the most of “referrals” for interviews (ie: whilst interviewing one person, they might recommend someone else in town who Daniel might have a ‘cuppa’ with).

The Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’ Tour aimed to repeat and expand on the Australian Human Rights Commissions Outlink Project (1999-2000)


Click on the links below to view Daniel Witthaus’ summary series of his work:

‘That’s so gay’ introduction

One for the hand

One for the heart

One for the head

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