ALLY Network – Flinders University

ALLY NetworkThe ALLY Network is an initiative of the Equal Opportunity Unit at Flinders University designed to enhance University culture by creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment for members of the Flinders community who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, questioning and queer (GLBTTIQQ).

Why have an ALLY Network at Flinders?

Recent Australian research and anecdotal evidence shows that prejudicial behaviours based on sexuality frequently occur in schools and tertiary institutions, including Flinders University. This is despite the existence of anti-discrimination legislation and policies. A visible presence of ALLYs on campus goes some way in creating a safer and more welcoming environment for both new and current members of the Flinders community who do not identify as heterosexual by:

  • Proactively addressing prejudicial behaviours and language
  • Providing a safe place for people to talk about issues related to sexuality and/or gender identity
  • Educating people about issues related to sexuality and/or gender identity.

What is an ALLY? ALLYs are staff and students who are knowledgeable in, receptive to and understanding of GLBTTIQQ issues. ALLYs provide a safe place to talk for members of the Flinders community who seek support in a confidential environment.


  • someone with ready-made answers
  • necessarily a counsellor, nor necessarily trained to deal with crisis situations
  • necessarily able to provide assistance with the grievance process associated with harassment or discrimination.

The Equal Opportunity Contact Officers and Equal Opportunity and Diversity Officers are available to provide these services.

What to expect from an ALLY:

  • An open, accepting attitude
  • To be listened to, to be understood, and to be able to explore the issues
  • Confidentiality
  • A wide variety of referral avenues both on and off campus.

Contact an ALLY:

Look for an official ALLY sign on an office door. Information on this page courtesy and property of Flinders University. Full information can be found at

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