A New Spring

By Hannah Cursaro

I find myself constantly apologising
When I haven’t done anything wrong
I fear I won’t be good enough
Or strong enough for you… when my world comes crumbling down

Rushing tides, pouring rain
Laying in the dark
Sounds of thunder, sinking under
I call your name

The world it seems a little brighter
When you’re near me
My heart is singing with the
Sound of a new spring

With every day that dawns
You’re right there with me
We can do this… we can do anything…

Ripping pages, tearing letters
Finding what to say
Fearing loss and how to tell them
That their daughter’s gay

I’m not expecting you to tell me that it’s ok
Just want your love and everything will fall into place.

We can go any place that we want to go
We can see what we wanna see
When the rain beats down and the cold hits hard
I know that you’re right there next to me…

You’re right here next to me…

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