If we live in a black and white world then those who do not fit within the rigid moulds available must make up the grey space in between. We are here to celebrate this spectrum of diversity inside the greys.

Inside this website you will find a collaboration of ideas, creativity and choices that are available to those who identify as LGBTIQ* or simply have a question about sexuality.

Creative World – a collection of creative works crafted by LGBTIQ youth and their supporters.

True Tales – some of the real experiences felt by those who have come to terms with or are discovering their sexuality, those who have confronted their homophobia and parents whose children have come out to them.

Community Connections – an up-to-date list of the community support groups available in South Australia, including information and resources that can be found locally, nationally and internationally.

Fact Files – an assortment of research and information collected over the years in relation to young people and sexuality.

*LGBTIQ includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersex, queer and questioning, but also any others who identify as sexually or gender diverse.

The All Colours of Grey Project is not designed to act as a counselling service, but rather to share others’ personal experiences, present creative inspiration. and offer information on where to find the help and support you might be hunting out.

One thought on “Home

  1. I just wanted to say, Thankyou.
    my name is Jess and im 18yo. This is the first SA site i have found thats for LGBT. i actually feel proud to have found this ste as all the others were NSW and QLD etc. it gave me some good links and recorces. umm one thing you could try to achieve over the next few years is maby setting up a place for LGBT youths. i know that Open doors (a NSW based site) has a get together for Youths who want to meet similar people to themselves. that being said, i think what you have done is amazing, so thankyou again.

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